Custom Computer Learning Center 

Each Computer Learning Center has different design needs from equipment, office furniture and internet service.

Our Clients Include

  • Multifamily Property Managers.

  • Youth Centers

  • Community Centers

  • Church Organizations

Staffing Packages

  • from 20 - 40 Hours

  • Starting at $32 Per Hour

Customized Service packages including ​

  • Computer Hardware Purchase/Lease
  • Printers Cameras and Security

  • Networking Equipment

  • Complete general office tech

  • Student Usage Data Collection

  • Student Registration

  • Program Reporting

  • Center Rules

  • Fliers and Marketing

  • Customized Center Home Page 

  • Social Media Management 

  • AND MORE.......

Activity Based Technology Center  - Starting at:  $400+ per month

  • Activity centers must be staffed as we do not provide activity centers unstaffed. 
  • JRS does provide full service design, equipment rental and installation for technology centers.
  • Our activity based technology centers are driven toward interactive programming utilizing modern technology on various platforms.


Staffed Activity Center - Starting at:  $2500+ per month

  • Digital Photography

  • TV Studio

  • Digital Music & Audio Recording (podcasts)

  • Arts & Crafts

  • STEM Programs ​

​Staffed Computer Center - Starting at:  $4000 Per Month 

  • We provide trained individuals equipped with the training skills to match your needs. 

  • Packages Are Based on the number of  Training Hours per week/month and Skill Level

Unstaffed Computer Center - Starting at $900 Per Month ​


The description of services and pricing rates outlined below detail our base pricing. Many of our clients packages are customized to cater to their individual budgets, requests and needs. This serves as a basic guide to our standard pricing formats. We work very closely with all of our clients providing them with accelerated support & consultation.

If there is anything specific not outlined below JRS offers consultation services & can assist with your procurement mission.

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