Installation And Leasing


On Location JRS Technician
Starting at $85 Per Hour   

  • (Within 20 mi. of Boston) 

  •  Starting at $120 Per Hour

  • (Outside of Boston)

Computer Hardware Rental 
Starting at:  $200+ per month

  • We provide customized packages including 

  • General Basic Workstations

  • Mac or High Performance PCs 

  • Mini TV/Podcast Studios

  • Digital Signage and Management

  • Our rental equipment is maintained remotely and physically by our Technicians and takes the burden of upgrading, maintaining & managing technology and hardware at our Centers.  


The description of services and pricing rates outlined below detail our base pricing. Many of our clients packages are customized to cater to their individual budgets, requests and needs. This serves as a basic guide to our standard pricing formats. We work very closely with all of our clients providing them with accelerated support & consultation.If there is anything specific not outlined below JRS offers consultation services & can assist with your procurement mission.

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